Shenandoah Music Trail's Mountain Music Television Series hosted by Me & Martha

WHSV-TV Valley's Fox Channel 43.1, na, na

Shenandoah Music Trail (SMTrail), as part of its Educational Outreach, is sponsoring the recording, production and distribution of the video series “Mountain Music” Our objective is to provide viewers an opportunity to "experience traditional Appalachian Music Makers, gain a greater understanding of the music’s important role in maintaining cultural and social identities and its impact on today's popular music". The video series, originally developed to help bridge the isolation barrier in senior congregate living facilities, has quickly gained success and is now being readied for broadcast television. Our goal for each program is to provide a respite where viewers can safely enjoy familiar music, connection to the outside world and be entertained. Each Mountain Music show features an opportunity for out of work or under employed musicians to showcase their talents. To meet the various technical needs of individual facilities SMTrail distributes these programs on multiple platforms to provide accessibility in the form of internet links and Dvd’s with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. We are currently recording 4 shows a month.