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2018 Is shaping up to be a Great Year 

       As of January 1, 2018 Martha has officially booked 86 concerts.  Over the next several weeks, we will have most of our calendar filled in for 2018.  We are continuing our efforts to bring music making to everyone. Our Ukulele program is expanding to include Senior Living Centers as well as Children residing in Homeless Shelters. We are preparing a 2018 Capital Campaign to raise funds to purchase more Ukuleles for distribution. We are revising Don’s Music Maker’s Guide for the 3rd edition adding more extensive information for playing backup and lead beyond the root position and a DVD and on-line book available. 
      Using Martha’s home town Belfast, Maine as home port, Last Summer we spent 3 months touring New England. For 2018 we are making similar plans and establishing more locations to perform. This is great opportunity to bring Me & Martha to your area. Just let us know where and we will work out a when.