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EXCITING News Don has a Wiki page!

Don has a Wikipedia Listing!  He was contacted by a Wiki editor and asked if he wanted a Wiki listing... a few emails later PRESTO!

2019-20 Bookings now open! 

We are EXCITED to be booking 2019 and will have most of our scheduling set by end of February. We have 2019 travel plans for areas out of the East Coast region.  If you want us to come to your area let us know.  -  We'd love to plan a road trip your way!   We are exploring options to keep this website up to date and we will when we can. 
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High Note for 2018 - 231 performances

Well it's official!  At the end of 2018 we will have performed 231 times from Maine to South Carolina.  These performances include: house parties, festivals, churches, senior residential and day facilities, libraries, public and private schools, street performances, weddings, historical societies, Maine wind-jammers, restaurants, jams/workshops and college classrooms.  And with all this, Martha and Don traveled from Belfast, Maine to the Galax Fiddler's Convention.  Don brought back a 1st place ribbon for Mountain Dulcimer!.

Me & Martha   a.k.a  Don DePoy & Martha Hills

Twitter version: 
Me & Martha are keepers of the flame of ‘real’ music, national treasures of America’s Mountain Music, a treasure trove of musical memorabilia, great story tellers with exceptional musical talents and are endlessly entertaining.

Martha and Don are married to each other and live in the Village of West View in Swoope, Virginia.  Martha Hills and Don DePoy enthusiastically bring Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley Music to the world. You’ll be quick to notice they embrace life and love to make music.  Me & Martha plays Americana Rural Roots Mountain Music, which includes American fiddle/banjo traditions, blues, old-time string band, sea shanties, work songs, hillbilly, traditional and classic country, bluegrass, rural swing, and contemporary folk ballads.
     Using  mountain dulcimer, 5-string banjo, autoharp, guitar, Dobro, mandolin and bass fiddle, the duo continues the centuries old music making tradition of taking a little of this and that creating a fusion of whatever musical genres seem to fit effectively to create a fresh approach to the music.    
     Steeped in the tradition of improvised performing art, Me & Martha creates a space where everyone can experience musical art as unfolding stories. Many of Me & Martha’s signature songs explore the universal themes of everyday life. On stage, Martha and Don captivate audiences with spontaneous and often amusing banter and backed up by amazing vocal and instrument virtuosity.
     Don is a 5th generation music maker from the Shenandoah Valley and holds a PhD specializing in American Music and Popular Culture and a Master's in Education (MEd).  Martha is an early childhood educator (BA) with over 15 years in private and public education.


Hard to believe it's 2019 and February 8th -  Hope you enjoy our WebSite - We however, do not devote a lot of time here.
Things that are here are accurate and up to date.  If you need to communicate with us, best to use contact form or our other social media.

Been a GREAT Start for 2017 

We are continuing our Grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts visiting communities in SW Virginia, NW Virginia, Eastern Shore, and South Side.  We are bringing live music to the poorest counties in Virginia to the poorest residents.  Our Children's Uke Project has stalled a bit waiting for a back-order of 25 ukes, expected in early March.  And the best news!!!  We are spending Late May to Mid-September in Maine. Visiting family and friends and playing as much music as we can. 

It's official - We will have 218 performances completed by December 31, 2016 

It's official - We will have 218 performances completed by December 31, 2016.
We are already booking into 2017 and Martha tells me we already have more than 50 bookings on our 2017 Calendar.
As a duo we are sometimes limited from playing larger venues and festivals.  So we have teamed up with our dear Maine friends who are a well respected performing couple.  Our new group, Three Yankees and a Hillbilly (3Y+H) will have our official kickoff later in the Spring of 2017.
We will post PR and demo reel as so as it gets out of production.

April 1 - No foolin' Where does the time go? 

Martha and I have been busy to say the least.  So far, Martha has booked over 180 concerts for 2016. The month of March we had 2 days off.  We took a road trip and gigged all the way down to Myrtle Beach and back.  Of course we took 4 days and stayed at the beach.  We had such a great time!  We had a surprise chance to play for the track and field teams for Liberty University at their talent show.  Blew their socks off with the banjo.  Lot's of smiley faces and hand clapping.  Something we all will remember.
Our friends Joe and Nellie are visiting from Maine. We have invited all our music buddies to a "pick" scheduled tomorrow in their honor. We have Rosie all ready to sail for the season.
At the end of this month we are heading to Maine to visit family and friends.  If time allows we will write more here.  However, the best place to keep up on our day-2-day is on our Facebook accounts:  Martha HillsDonald DePoy, or Me & Martha.  Hope to see you on the music trail.  Let us know if you want to bring Me & Martha to your area for a House Concert, Special Event or Concert.

Here's a picture of Rosie and Martha on the hard in Deltaville, VA


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Me & Martha Concerts

Various Locations

This entry is to explain that of the 200+ concerts we do every year from Maine to Florida is too much to add here. Please Call or email us for times we will be in your area.

Me & Martha Concerts

Various Locations

This entry is to explain that of the 200+ concerts we do every year from Maine to Florida is too much to add here. Please Call or email us for times we will be in your area.

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